The game starts with a maximum of 100 players per match (Solo and Squad mode, 5 players per squad). Players start with no items in their inventory and drop from a transport in the sky to an island from which they have to escape by any means necessary.

The playing area will get smaller in different periods of time hurting players which are not within it. The playing area will get gradually smaller until a Xtracion Point, XP, appears in the map, where an helicopter will land and rescue players that reach it.

The goal of the game is to reach the helicopter and escape the island. In Solo Mode, only one player win; in Squad Mode, 5 players can enter the helicopter. If nobody reaches the helicopter within the time limit, it flies away and nobody wins.

So basically you need to drop in, loot, hide, fight and do whatever it takes to get to the Xtraction Point and get the hell out of that place! That’s how you win 🙂